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Modern and contemporary garden decking

decking by pool photoGarden decking is a great method of creating an attractive new sitting area anywhere in the garden and one of the easiest ways of transforming an existing garden or revamping an old patio. They are are marvellously flexible structures that can be located to suit you, your family and the property you live in (ideally in Essex, as this is where we are based)

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You could create an island deck in a sunny corner or as a staging post part-way down your garden, or install an impressive centerpiece feature deck, complete with pergola that will add height and interest to the garden scene.

Whether you want to enjoy your deck in a sunny open site, have it as a garden island a combined balcony and veranda, or in an intimate, shady spot - it's up to you.

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In order to get the most benefit from your deck you should some thought to where you should have it installed.

Things to consider include:

Whether used for relaxing, entertaining, dining or as a play-area for children, decks are superbly versatile and can create an aesthetic extension to the home.

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Like other flat surfaces, timber decks can become slippery when damp/wet. There are lots of things that we can offer to reduce the chance of anyone having an accident and hurting themselves.

Proven methods include using ribbed or grooved boards instead of smooth ones. You can also choose wide deck boards with a wide gap between each of the individual boards to permit adequate water drainage from the surface of the decking.