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cast iron fencing pictureGarden fencing is a very important area - somtimes it is one of the most noticable areas of a garden if it is long and narrow, so the correct choice of fencing is critical.

We offer traditional garden fences and also decorative garden fences that can help to hide something unwanted.

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It is important to select a garden fence that is in-tune with the style of your house (if it is in close proximity) - this is the best way to make the look of your home balanced.

Last, but not least - a few basic details need to be checked out before fencing your garden. You need to be sure of your boundaries and that your neighbour is aware of what you are doing.

new fence shownIt may be a good idea to check that it is OK to replace a fence, especially if you are unsure as to ownership and/or whether it backs onto a communial or council owned area.

We trust that you will have taken these checks before progressing our work.

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