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Garden Patios

photo of patio and wooden fenceArristor can design patios of all designs, shapes and levels using a wide-range of materials ... not only slabs!

Our designs can give you wonderful new surprises and can improve on ideas you may already have in mind.

We specialise in a type of pointing called bird-beak or diamond pointing. This type of pointing is a highly skilled process which enhances the look of the materials used.

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All our patios are laid on a wet mix base of sand and cement on a hard-core base (or type 1 base). This provides the correct foundation for a long lasting and durable patio. We never lay on a dry mix of sand and cement or just a sand bed as you can end up with subsidence and cracked paving.

Our patios are laid to a system called touching the bubble. This means that although the patio will appear to be pefectly level, it will have a directional fall to where we wish the water to run to (e.g. a drain or soak away).

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We recommend a sealing service for the preservation of your patio to prevent fading from sunlight. Manufactured slabs will fade to a higher degree than natural stone materials, however we do offer and recommend this service for both types.

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photo2 of patio and wooden fence photo3 of patio and wooden fence photo4 of patio and wooden fence photo5 of patio and wooden fence